Intuition 101 — The Beginner's Guide

This week we’re talking all things intuition. If you’ve ever wondered what the heck your intuition actually is, how to tap into it, and what to do when you receive intuitive guidance, this post is for you! I also share a fun little Intuition Experiment that I’m doing in 2019. Click through to read the full breakdown on my blog or tune into the Intuition 101 podcast episode.

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Create These 3 Lists Every Morning for a Magical & Abundant Life

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth with my morning routines, sometimes having a routine that was 5 minutes long and other times devoting an hour or two. Now that I know how big of an improvement my morning routine makes in my daily life, I’ll never go back!

But what exactly should you include in your morning routine? There are so many things you could be doing, so how do you choose? Ideally, we’d all have three hours every morning to spend meditating, saying our affirmations, visualizing our future life, journaling, and doing all the other awesome things we’d love to do if we had the time.

But that just ain’t real life, isn’t it?

Instead, I’m going to suggest a simple activity for your morning routine that will set you up for a productive, abundant, successful, and magical day, every day. And the best part is that this exercise only takes about ten minutes to complete each day. The secret? It comes back to creating three little lists…

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5 Daily Habits to Manifest Your Dream Body

You’re ready to dive into the inner work and manifest your dream body. You understand the Law of Attraction and how it works, you’ve read the books, you get the theory, and you’re ready to put your knowledge into action.

But where do you start? How do you take all of those complex metaphysical concepts and break them down into steps and processes? What should you do every day in terms of mindset and energy work? I mean, there are a lot of things you could be doing, so how do you choose what to focus on?

That’s what this week’s blog post is all about!

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