Create These 3 Lists Every Morning for a Magical & Abundant Life


If you’re even the tiniest bit involved in the world of personal development, chances are, you’ve heard countless people rave on and on about the importance of having a morning routine. And as much as I hate to say it, they’re right.

Over the years I’ve gone back and forth with my morning routines, sometimes having a routine that was 5 minutes long and other times devoting an hour or two. Now that I know how big of an improvement my morning routine makes in my daily life, I’ll never go back!

But what exactly should you include in your morning routine? There are so many things you could be doing, so how do you choose? Ideally, we’d all have three hours every morning to spend meditating, saying our affirmations, visualizing our future life, journaling, and doing all the other awesome things we’d love to do if we had the time.

But that just ain’t real life, isn’t it?

Instead, I’m going to suggest a simple activity for your morning routine that will set you up for a productive, abundant, successful, and magical day, every day. And the best part is that this exercise only takes about ten minutes to complete each day. The secret? It comes back to creating three little lists…

create these three lists every morning for a magical and abundant life

Create these 3 lists every day for a magical life

Grab a hot cup of coffee, get out your journal, and create the following three lists each morning.

1. A gratitude list

To get the high vibes rollin’ first thing, start by jotting down 15-20 things in your life that you’re thankful for. I like to title this list, “I’m so grateful for…” or “Thank you for…” — and then I go to town!

The items on your gratitude list can literally be anything and everything under the sun: amazing people in your life, your pets, your business, your clients, the cute new cardigan you bought yesterday, the sunshine outside your window… whatever! If it makes you feel good and you’re glad it’s a part of your life, write it down.

Don’t worry about getting too fancy or creative with your list. Even simple things like, “I’m grateful for my family,” or “I’m grateful for this cup of coffee,” or “I’m grateful for another day on this planet,” work wonders.

To step it up a notch, try to include different things in your list every day instead of regurgitating the same list each time. The more different things you can think of that you’re grateful for, the more you flex and strengthen your gratitude muscles — and the more things you’ll attract into your life to feel grateful for.

2. A list of your intentions for the day

Next, it’s time to decide how you want your day to go. You have the ability to shape how your day pans out, including how you feel, what you accomplish, and the level of joy and abundance that flows into your life. So decide.

So many people don’t do this, and instead, just “roll with the punches”, letting their day unfold without any intention whatsoever. If only all of humanity knew about our ability to shape our days and lives with our thoughts, emotions, and intentions. What a different world this would be!

Every morning before you dive into your work for the day, spend a few minutes thinking about how you want your day to go. What will you achieve? What emotions will you experience? How much money will you receive? Write it all down on your list of intentions.

For reference, I like to title this list “My intentions for the day,” or “Today I will…” — and then underneath, I write a bullet point list of 10-15 items that describe, in detail, how my day will pan out.

3. A list of your desires

Your intentions list is focused solely on how you want that one particular day to go. Now we’re going to zoom out and take a more eagled-eye approach by creating our desires list.

Your desires list is where you write down all of the things you want to manifest into your life. Every single one of your desires is valid, and every single one of them was placed in your heart for a reason, so write them all down — no matter how silly or small they seem.

I title this list, “My Desires” or “I desire…”, and then I write down every single thing I want to manifest in the next week, month, year, 5 years, and beyond.

This includes: places I want to travel to, the amount of money I want to make in my business, how I want my body to look and feel, how much I want to weigh, everything.

My desires list is relatively consistent from day to day, usually with about 15-20 items on it at any given time. Once an item on my list manifests, I no longer write it on my list each day and instead, shift my energy toward something new that I want to create.

That’s it! 3 simple lists to elevate your vibration, dictate your day, and kickstart the manifestation process.

Create these three lists every morning and I guarantee you’ll set yourself up for a successful, abundant, joyful day — and a life filled with magic! ✨

Will you be trying this technique out in your morning routine? There’s no time like the present, so grab your journal and get writing! When you’re done, share a snap of your lists with me on Instagram @kristamdickson.