5 Daily Habits to Manifest Your Dream Body


You’re ready to start doing the inner work and manifest your dream body. You understand the Law of Attraction and how it works, you’ve read the books, you get the theory, and you’re ready to put your knowledge into action.

But where do you start? How do you take all of those complex metaphysical concepts and break them down into steps and processes? What should you be doing every day in terms of mindset and energy work? I mean, there are a lot of things you could be doing, so how do you choose what to focus on?

That’s what this week’s blog post is all about!

Below, I’m breaking down five simple steps you can take every day to manifest your dream body. Most of these things are quick and easy, and one of them can even be done with zero conscious effort (score!).

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5 daily habits to manifest your dream body

Habit #1. Visualize your dream body

Visualization is a powerful manifesting tool. “Visualizing” simply means creating a vivid picture in your mind’s eye of the thing you want to manifest, all while imagining that this vision in your head is your actual current reality.

Your subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between what’s “real” in your external world and what you make up inside your head, which is what makes visualization such an awesome manifesting technique. To get a bit nerdy here, when you create these images in your mind, you’re actually accessing those versions of reality in the quantum field, and using your energy and attention to draw them into your current, physical reality.

Here are a couple pointers to keep in mind when it comes to visualizing your dream body:

  1. Always visualize from a first-person view point, not third-person.

  2. Add as much detail to the scene as possible. Where are you? What are your surroundings like? Is there anyone else there? What are you doing?

  3. Be sure to immerse yourself in positive emotions like love, joy, and gratitude. The goal is to feel really freaking good!

  4. Incorporate all five of your senses to make the scene feel even more real (i.e., what do you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch?).

  5. Do it daily! Or multiple times a day, if you can. The more, the better.

In my Woo-Woo Weight Loss Course, I dive more deeply into visualization. There’s even a bonus guided meditation all about visualizing your dream body! Learn more about the course and signup here.

Habit #2. Repeat positive affirmations

We all know that “thinking positively” is important for achieving our goals, but, like… how do you actually do that?!

Enter: positive affirmations!

These short and sweet statements pack a punch, and repeating them daily is one of the easiest ways to create a deep internal change. Positive affirmations are one of my go-to tools for reprogramming the subconscious mind for success, and I’m always coming up with new affirmations for myself and my clients and students.

What makes a good affirmation For starters, it should be in the present tense (not future tense), and it should talk about what you want to manifest as if that thing was already your reality.

Here are a few of my favorite weight loss affirmations so you can see what I mean:

Losing weight is easy and effortless for me.

Every day and in every way, I am moving closer and closer to my goals.

It is safe for me to lose weight and have my dream body.

I easily make aligned choices that support my goals.

You can download a full list of my favorite positive affirmations for weight loss right here.

To make the most of your affirmations, be sure to say them out loud (in your head is helpful too, but out loud is best) and also to say them multiple times. Repetition is the key here. The more you repeat the affirmations, the deeper and deeper they sink into your subconscious. Eventually, your subconscious will hold these beliefs as your personal truth, and they’ll begin to be reflected in your external reality.

Habit #3. Use positive self-talk

Your brain is always listening to what you say out loud, and your subconscious literally takes any verbal statements you make as “truth” — no matter what they are.

So why not talk yourself up!?

Your words are powerful, so start using them for good! Every morning when you wake up, engage in a minute or two of positive self-talk. Talk about how wonderfully your day is going to go. Talk about all the fantastic choices you’re going to make that day. Talk about the weight you’re going to lose in the next 24 hours. Talk about how you’re going to feel and what you’re going to accomplish.

You basically speak your intentions into existence, so cut out the negativity and start focusing on the good. And yes, you’ll be talking to yourself 98% of the time when you do this, but that’s okay. In fact, that’s the point! This is something you can do in private every morning, and it’s an amazing way to start your day.


Habit #4. Listen to subliminal meditations

Remember when I said that one of these habits is completely automatic and subconscious? This one is it!

Subliminal meditations are one of my favorite manifestation hacks because they’re just so damn easy.

What’s a subliminal meditation, you ask? It’s basically a piece of music or a soundtrack (think relaxing nature sounds, rain, etc.) that has positive affirmations “hidden” beneath the music. So while you don’t consciously hear or notice the affirmations, your subconscious mind picks them up and begins to incorporate them.

So essentially, while you get to consciously enjoy a nice relaxing piece of music, you’re also reprogramming your subconscious mind for success. Talk about a win-win!

There are subliminal meditations out there for just about every topic under the sun, but for the purposes of today’s post, you’ll want to look for ones centered around weight loss and manifesting your dream body. You can find some on YouTube for free, so that’s a great place to start.

Simply find a few subliminal meditations that you like, and then pop them on in the background while you go about your day. You can listen to them while you’re working, while you’re driving or riding in the car, while you’re cooking, and even while you’re sleeping or right before you go to bed.

Habit #5. Embody your future self

The final habit, and perhaps the most important one of all, is to start showing up every single day as if you already are your future self. You know, the version of you who’s already lost the weight and who already has her dream body.

The easiest way to become that version of you is to start being her, today!

If you can shift your internal state (your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and energy) and your actions (your choices, behaviors, etc.) so that they’re aligned with your future self, before long, your physical reality and your body will shift to reflect that alignment. AKA: You’ll manifest your dream body!

So, how can you start showing up more like your future self? How can you begin to embody her? If you start your day off by visualizing your future self in your dream body, you’re already on the right track — but there’s more to it than that.

From here on out, try living by the mantra, “What Would Future Me Do?” (kinda like WWJD, but in this case, WWFMD!). Anytime you have to make a decision, or replace a limiting belief, or take action on your goals, simply close your eyes and reconnect to the version of you who already has her dream body. Tap into her energy, and then move forward with your day as if you already are her. Think, feel, and do as she would!

This embodiment technique is mega powerful, and I can promise you that it’ll not only have you feeling fantastic, it’ll also make a big impact on how quickly and easily you manifest your dream body.

Over to you, babe! Will you be implementing these five daily habits? What other daily rituals do you enjoy doing when it comes to manifesting? Share them with me below!

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