How to have your cake, eat it too, and still lose weight


Hey girl, spoiler alert:

There’s a reason that eating less and exercising more just isn’t working for you.

The crash-dieting, crazy food rules, and aggressive personal training sessions that leave you feeling like crap? Yeah, they feel like crap because you’re treating your body like crap.

Lemme drop a truth bomb.

These restrictive, controlling behaviours aren’t you loving your body and treating yourself with kindness. They’re you hating on yourself and your body. Which isn’t cool.

And I’m here today with good news: there is a better way to manifest weight loss.

But wait, did I mistype? After all, ‘manifesting’ isn’t something that you normally hear in connection with weight loss, right?

It isn’t … and that’s part of the problem!

I lost 40 lbs in one year by manifesting my weight loss. But not any ol’ manifestation … I’ve refined a four-step framework specifically designed to support healthy, feel-good weight loss.

Curious what it is?

Warning: This (almost magical) framework may just change your life. 😉

weight loss manifesting 1@2x.png

My four-step framework for manifesting your dream body

Step one: Energy elevation

Manifesting is simply bringing something from your inner world - your mind - into your outer world.

It works because of a little thing called the Law of Attraction. This is an energetic law that says that “like attracts like”. Similar energy attracts similar things.

So if you’re sitting there, fiddling with your fat rolls or playing with your double chin, while you steadily avoid mirrors and the front-facing cam on your phone, stahhpp it right now!!

This is not helping you lose weight.

If you want to step into your dream body, you need to elevate your energy and match your energetic vibration (which consists of your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs) to match the reality that you want.

How? Well, there are a variety of different ways you can elevate your energy (and it’s a good idea to trial which ones work best for you), but a good place to start is with things like:

  • Meditation

  • Visualizing your goals (and your dream body, from a first-person viewpoint!)

  • Nurturing high-vibe positive emotions like joy, freedom, gratitude and love

Step two: Makeover your mindset

Okay, so you’ve probably heard that your mindset is a huge part of losing weight. This isn’t news!

But something that experts aren’t talking about is that your subconscious mind can totally screw up your weight-loss efforts.

Now, your subconscious mind is all about keeping you safe and alive. It wants you to survive. Period.

And what it considers to be safe are things that are familiar. Your subconscious mind does not like change.

Which means your subconscious is going to resist any new habits (whether physical or mental) because new = scary and dangerous.

All of your life you’ve been cultivating beliefs about your body and about weight loss. You might have learned - and now firmly believe - that:

  • Weight loss is really, really hard.

  • It’s impossible to lose weight and keep it off.

  • French fries always go to your hips (looking at you, Mom, for that belief!)

These beliefs are cumulative and are formed from:

  • Things you heard and saw as a kid.

  • Information provided from the authority figures in your life (parents, teachers, elder siblings, grandparents.)

  • Things that you’ve personally gone through and experienced.

  • Advice from ‘professionals’.

  • TV, movies, books, and media.

But these beliefs aren’t always true. In fact, a lot of the time, they’re flat out wrong! Which is why we need to uncover what your limiting beliefs are and then rewrite them to be in alignment with what you want.

How does one rewrite their limiting beliefs?

Easy: By using positive affirmations!

These are statements that describe what you want and how you want to feel.

The key is not in saying them once, but many, many times. Your positive affirmations work to reprogram your subconscious mind by seeping and sinking in the more they’re repeated.

What we’re doing is basically cutting the negative traffic from our past limiting beliefs (like, “I’m never going to lose weight”) and creating new neural pathways in our brain that are filled with positive statements that support our weight loss goals. Magic, right?

Some great affirmations to start with are:

  • It is safe for me to lose weight.

  • It is safe for me to love my body.

  • It is safe for me to look different than how I do now.

These affirmations will help your subconscious mind realize that you’re not in any danger (remember - it just wants to keep your safe!) and will empower your weight loss journey.

Step three: The self-love shift

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: All transformation is done through love.

If you want to release and let go of something, you have to love it first. Which means, yep, you’ve gotta love your weight - and your body - as it is right now.

I get it: This can feel impossible!

But if you can find the blessing or the lesson in your current situation, then you can begin to love your body and yourself as you are.

A good way to get started is by writing yourself a love letter. I know, I know, it’s super woo and might feel slightly uncomfortable. BUT. It works, I promise.

Your love letter can include:

  • Expressing gratitude for all the things your body does for you (in the last five seconds alone, it’s done a million and one things to keep you alive!!)

  • A celebration of all the parts of your body you admire and love.

  • Finding the good in the parts of your body that you don’t love as much.

For example, if you’re a mama and you’re not fond of your belly, consider how it has allowed you to grow your beautiful, amazing baby. Pretty incredible, right?

Step four: TAKE Aligned action

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, you’re perfectly positioned to access your inner guidance from your Higher Self, tap into your intuition, and learn how to take actions aligned with your goals.

Your Higher Self always knows the best way forward and the path of least resistance to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

You can tap into your intuition by setting the intention to receive guidance and then trying things like:

  • Journaling

  • Meditating

  • Using oracle cards or tarot cards

  • Listening to music or a podcast

  • Getting out in nature

So, what kind of actions can you expect to take?

Well, you might feel called to:

  • Explore a certain work-out or exercise.

  • Heal your relationship with food.

  • Alter what foods you eat and avoid.

  • Adjust the people to connect with.

  • Explore different types of information (websites, YouTube, social media).

Once you’ve received guidance from your intuition, simply follow through on it — even if it doesn’t make total sense. Because again, your Higher Self always knows what’s best, and is always steering you on the right course right forward.

Note: Every one of these steps is designed to be done daily — not just once!

So bookmark this page and return to it often to remind yourself of how you can manifest weight loss the woo-woo way!

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