Start losing weight quickly and consistently in the next 30 days

...without painful restriction diets, extreme exercising, or splashing out hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer.

If you're an entrepreneur, blogger, or service provider who wants to lose weight and feel confident being the “face” of your online business...

…you probably already know that diet and exercise are the keys to transforming your body.

You know that you need to be burning more calories than you consume if you want to lose weight.

You know that sitting at a desk for eight hours a day isn’t good for you and that it’s important to get up and move around every so often.

You know that eating an entire box of white chocolate macadamia cookies ain’t your best bet if you want to lose weight (no matter how good they taste).


You also know what's waiting for you if you succeed.

When you finally manage to lose the weight, you know that your life will change in some pretty amazing ways…

You'll be healthier & have more energy

You’ll sleep better, have less health issues and pain, and have a much easier time exercising and moving your body.

You'll effortlessly grow your business

You’ll be confident showing up on live video and having photos taken for your business, and posting on Instagram will become one of your favorite parts of the day.

You'll wear all.the.cute.clothes.

Oh, the shopping opportunities! With a new body comes an entirely new wardrobe, and now that you've lost the weight, you’re so ready to flaunt what you got.

You'll ramp up your social life

All those social events you skipped out on because you didn’t want people to see you? No more. You’re filling up your calendar and WOWING people with your transformation!

You'll be comfortable getting intimate again

Pull out the lacy lingerie and grab your partner, because your inner vixen is ready to come out and play.

You'll finally stop hiding and start SHINING

You show up in your business and life every day as the vibrant, radiant, confident AF woman you truly are, knowing that you look and feel your absolute best.


Even though all the reasons you want to lose weight are obvious, the actual process of losing it is anything but.


You’ve tried #allthethings various “experts” recommend for losing weight…

You’ve spent hours each and every day cooking meals from scratch and dutifully recording your calories in the MyFitnessPal app.

You completely cut out sugar from your diet (well, you only managed to stick to that plan for a few days, but you tried!).

You signed up for an expensive gym membership, went to one class and felt like everyone was staring at you, and then never went again.

You bought the “Bikini Body Guide” program or something similar, and even lost a few pounds while doing it — but the pounds piled back on once you stopped exercising as much.

You tested out tons of different diets (KETO, paleo, high-carb, weight watchers), hoping to find the one magical bullet that actually got long-lasting results. Spoiler alert: You still haven’t found it.

Maybe you even went to extremes and tried things like diet pills, weight loss shakes, or skinny teas (you know, the teas that have you sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes after?).

Each protocol and pill and diet promised you the world… but every single one of them ended up falling short (and leaving you right back where you started).


What if I told you that all of those weight loss “experts” were missing one vital ingredient?

A piece of the puzzle that once you knew what it was, would make everything fall into place and help you finally get the results you’ve been chasing for so many years?

Here's what no one is telling you about weight loss. 👇

All the diets, workout plans, and skinny teas in the world can’t possibly make up for what’s called an “energetic misalignment”.

The very thing holding you back from losing weight and stepping into your dream body might just be (and I say this with love) …



Let me explain…

According to a universal law called the “Law of Attraction”, your energetic vibration determines your entire life experience — including your weight and how your body looks.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that “like energy attracts like energy”, and that things of a similar vibrational nature are drawn together like a magnet.

This might sound intimidating, but it’s actually your greatest opportunity.

When you learn how to work with this universal law — instead of working against it and trying to “force” and hustle your way to the weight loss finish line — weight loss can be fun, easy, and totally stress-free.

When you become a master of manifestation, you’re able to create the healthy, vibrant, beautiful body of your dreams faster and with more ease than you ever thought possible.


4 mindset shifts you need to make right now to lose weight & ditch the harmful yo-yo dieting for good


shift #1. Focusing on your current weight only attracts more weight. 👙

This is the Law of Attraction at work, bringing you more of the things you give your attention to. Instead, you need to forget about where you're at right now and start focusing exclusively on how you want your body to look once you've lost the weight, placing all of your thoughts, focus, and attention on your future dream body.


shift #2. Diet and exercise can't create long-lasting results if your energy isn’t aligned. ✨

Sure, you might lose weight here and there by adjusting your diet or working out like crazy. But the weight probably won't stay off if there’s an energetic misalignment.

Ever lost 10 pounds only to gain it all back in a few months? That’s because you hadn’t done the necessary internal work to align your thoughts, emotions, and energy with your dream body.


shift #3. your thoughts and emotions create your energetic vibration. ⚡️

Thoughts and emotions are the two biggest pieces of the puzzle when it comes to your energetic vibration. Here’s how your energetic vibration is created in your body...

As the neurons in your brain fire, they emit an electrical current of energy. When you experience an emotion, a magnetic vibration emits from your heart. Your thoughts (electrical energy) and emotions (magnetic energy) paired together create your body’s electromagnetic frequency — your “energetic vibration”.


shift #4. By adjusting your thoughts and emotions, you can change your genetics — and therefore, the way your body looks and feels. 💃🏼

This is the biological mechanism behind manifesting weight loss.

By thinking certain thoughts and experiencing certain emotions, you can upregulate and downregulate different genes in your body. These genes then activate or deactivate various processes that determine the health, weight, and appearance of your body (metabolism, digestion, fat burning, etc.). It's like magic! But also, totally scientific.


In a nutshell, losing weight starts from within (and I don’t mean your diet!).


If you want to lose weight, you have to start by overhauling your energetic vibration and aligning your energy with the frequency of your dream body.

No workout program, pill, or fancy diet can help you lose weight (and keep it off) if there’s an energetic misalignment.

When you elevate your thoughts and emotions, you create a new genetic destiny.

When you change your genetics, you change your body, your health, and quite literally – your entire life.

With your permission, I’d love to show you how to do this.



Woo-Woo Weight Loss

The 30-day manifestation system for women who have struggled with their weight for years and tried #allthethings to lose weight, who are ready to finally experience real results that feel good and last.

WWL Mockup.png

After struggling with my weight all throughout my twenties, I finally had a massive breakdown and knew that something had to change. I committed to losing 30 pounds by the end of the year, and I tried everything I knew how to do to make it happen: cutting my calories, eliminating sugar, working out twice a day… but the weight was coming off at a snail’s pace, if at all.

Finally, I had my “big epiphany” and realized I’d been going about it all wrong.

I was so focused on all the external actions I thought I was supposed to be taking that I’d completely disregarded everything I knew about the inner work — specifically, mindset work, energy work, and the principles of manifestation.

I started using the same energetic strategies I’d already been using to attract clients, money, and business success to my weight loss journey… and they worked! Finally, the weight was coming off quickly. I dropped 40 pounds in less than a year (10 pounds more than my original goal) and finally felt happy, confident, and healthy in my body.

my transformation.png

I'm super passionate about helping you achieve the same thing, whether your goal is to lose 30 pounds, 50, or 100. That’s why I created Woo-Woo Weight Loss, my 4-week program where you’ll learn my step-by-step system for manifesting faster weight loss and energetically creating your dream body.


Woo-Woo Weight Loss is the only weight loss program of its kind that…


• Shows you how to align your energy with your future dream body so that you’re a magnet for weight loss, not weight gain.

• Focuses on aligning your energy, thoughts, and emotions FIRST — so that any changes you make with your diet and exercise will be exactly what you need to DO TO lose the weight.

• Walks you through powerful exercises for making over your mindset and elevating your emotions so that manifesting your dream body becomes as easy as 1-2-3

• Teaches techniques that upregulate and downregulate the genes in your body, creating long-lasting changes in the way your body looks feels, and functions


If you’re ready to lose the weight without dropping hundreds of dollars on personal trainers, live-in chefs, and organic celery juice, here’s how we’re going to get you there:


Module 1: Energy Elevation

Align your energetic vibration with your dream body to call it into existence.

This first module gets you on the manifesting fast-track by teaching you how to visualize, align, and connect with your future dream body and the version of you who’s already lost weight.

You’ll access your dream body in the quantum field through a powerful meditation and visualization exercise, and then begin to live, breathe, and fully embody your future self.

When you align your energy with your dream body, it can’t not manifest — it’s law. However, if you continue to focus only on your current body, you’ll only attract more excess weight. This first module makes sure that doesn’t happen and that you’re attracting weight loss from the get-go.

module 1 Highlights:

↠ Set powerful intentions for your weight loss journey to signal to the universe exactly what you desire and place an energetic charge behind your goals

↠ Learn how to anchor your goals physically, mentally, and emotionally so they become a part of your everyday life and begin to seep into, and influence, your subconscious mind

↠ Use the Dream Body Meditation to visualize your dream body in all its glory, tapping into elevated emotions and vivid imagery to call forth that version of your reality (AKA: to manifest it quickly!)

↠ Implement my #1 shortcut for manifesting weight loss by infusing it into your very core, essence, and being


Module 2: Mindset Makeover

Eliminate limiting beliefs & uplevel your mindset to become a powerful manifestor.

Building off of the work you did in Module 1, in this module you’ll start by uncovering the limiting beliefs that are blocking your weight loss progress. You’ll rewrite and replace those negative beliefs, and then heal the negative memories and trauma they arose from.

You’ll also adopt a set of 4 powerful tools you can use in your daily life to kick non-empowering beliefs to the curb and reprogram your mindset for success. This module alone is worth the price of this entire course!

Module 2 Highlights:

↠ Discover what limiting beliefs are, where they come from, and how to uncover the negative beliefs that are buried deep in your subconscious mind so you can clear them out for good

↠ Use my personal set of powerful affirmations and the “It’s Safe” meditation to reprogram your subconscious mind and make it your biggest ally when it comes to losing weight

↠ Practice a highly effective energetic-acupressure technique to clear negative energy and disrupt negative thought patterns instantly

↠ Learn THE most powerful personal-development tool that all the top gurus use for manifesting their goals (don’t worry — it’s sooo much simpler than you think!)

↠ Work through soulful journaling exercises to uncover the lessons in your weight journey, heal your spirit, and finally release your attachment to the weight


Module 3: The Self-Love Shift

Heal your relationship with your body and step into radical self-love.

By this point, your thoughts, energy, and emotions are aligned and they’re calling in the manifestation of your dream body. Next, we have some healing work to do.

All true transformation is done through love, which is why making the Self-Love Shift is so crucial to your success with this program and with weight loss in general.

This third phase is designed to help you reconnect with yourself and your body, build your health and wellness support team, and begin to speak in ways that honor and uplift you, your journey, and your body.

Module 3 Highlights:

↠ Use the “Love Your Body” meditation to tap into a sense of gratitude, joy, and appreciation for your body and all the miraculous things it does for you

↠ Write a love letter in order to finally release the weight from your body and experience deep inner healing

↠ Implement my super sneaky, totally automatic tool for manifesting while you’re working, driving, or even sleeping

↠ Step into your feminine, receivership energy by expanding your personal, professional, and spiritual teams to make sure you’re surrounded by love and support 24/7

↠ Engage in symbolic decluttering to make physical and energetic space for your dream body to manifest


Module 4: Aligned Action

Tap into your intuition and take inspired action to manifest your dream body.

Once the other three pieces are in place — you’re vibing high, your mindset is on point, and you’re head-over-heels in love with your body — the final step is to take divinely-inspired action to move toward your goals on the physical plane.

As soon as you set your intention on something, it’s already “real” in the spiritual and mental plane. But sometimes, in order to receive your manifestation you need to take action on the physical plane.

In this module, you’ll discover the power of language, bust through self-sabotaging behaviors, and overcome any and all resistance to the actions you feel called to take.

Module 4 Highlights:

↠ Learn how your words shape your reality and how to speak in constructive ways that make you a magnet for your dream body (there’s more to it than just talking positively!)

↠ Identify, explore, and overcome all of the self-sabotaging behaviors that are holding you back from reaching your goals with the help of the downloadable Self-Sabotage Tracker

↠ Discover the best ways for YOU to tap into your intuition and access higher guidance so you can take inspired action that serves as a shortcut between where you are now and where you want to be

↠ Learn why you feel resistant to taking specific actions so that you can kick that resistance to the curb and move forward on your journey without ever feeling icky, heavy, or wanting to procrastinate


To further support you in your transformation, I’ve included three bonus gifts:


Bonus #1. The Private Facebook Group 👭

As soon as you join the course, you’ll become a member of our private Facebook community, where you’ll meet dozens of other like-minded ladies who understand what you’re going through and who will love on you when you need it most.

You’ll use our Facebook group to connect with fellow biz babes, ask questions, and get inspired by what the other members are achieving in their own weight loss journey. I’m inside the group every single day responding to comments and making sure you get exactly what you need to move forward.


Bonus #2. Monthly Group Coaching Calls 💭

On the last Wednesday of every month, you’ll join us for a live group coaching call in the Facebook group where all of your questions will be answered and where you’ll receive personalized advice on anything you’re struggling with. T

his is your chance to have unlimited 1:1 access to me, so you’ll definitely want to make time in your calendar for these calls!

(Note: If you’re unable to attend one of the calls live, you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time and watch a recording of the call at your earliest convenience).

In these group calls, you’re essentially getting tailored woo-woo weight loss coaching at a fraction of the cost of hiring a 1:1 coach! 


Bonus #3. “The Exact Physical Actions I Took to Lose the Weight” 🍏

In this bonus video training, I walk you through my own story and the exact action steps I took to lose 40 pounds.

This training will not only show you what’s possible and how quickly the weight can come off, it’s also a lesson that weight loss does NOT have to be crazy hard and complicated or involve a ton of intense exercising and dieting (it didn’t for me!).

This bonus training, along with all of the other course content and bonuses, is accessible from the very minute you sign up!


Your success is my success.


When you join Woo-Woo Weight Loss and begin implementing my manifestation system, I’ll be celebrating your wins just as hard as you do (pass the bubbly!).

I know that the methods I teach in this course produce amazing results — they have for me and for so many of my students. And because these techniques are based on Universal laws that affect everyone and everything equally, I know that there’s no way and no one that these methods “won’t” or “can’t” work for.

But to make the system work, you’ve gotta WORK IT.

You need to actually do the work and implement the techniques in this course — live them, own them, make them yours — and if you do, I know you’ll see your life and body begin to shift.

I’m so confident in my teachings and the experience you’ll have inside this course that I have a no-questions-asked refund policy. If you take the course for a spin and don’t feel like I’ve delivered on my promise, simply email me at within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.


Here’s what Woo-Woo Weight Loss graduates had to say about their experience inside this program…

In the month that the program was live, I lost 18 pounds! My measurements went down as well. Mindset is everything and I never would have known what tools to use to help me get here without Krista! I’m so incredibly thankful for this program because it has not only helped me lose weight but changed the way I view weight loss forever.
— Holly D.
So much around weight-loss has to do with negativity, punishing yourself, and shame. This program is the opposite: very positive and it has a very happy vibe. It’s raised my vibration and removed the majority of the “struggle mindset” and negative emotions I felt around weight loss. That’s been a huge win for me, a more relaxed and happier attitude towards my body and weight loss.
— Jessica R.
Since starting this program, I’ve been able to change my entire mindset around weight loss. I used to believe that losing weight involved exercising A LOT and eating extremely healthy, tracking every single calorie. I was able to overcome these limiting beliefs & see actual proof that they’re BS!

Not only did I lose 5 lbs in just a few days, but I now ooze more confidence than ever before. I’ve had family, friends, and random people telling me how great and happy I look! And I agree with them – something inside me has definitely shifted.
— Elley M.

It’s your turn to experience the Woo-Woo Weight Loss transformation 💗


Here’s everything you’re getting when you join the Woo-Woo Weight Loss program today:

↠ The Core Program With My Signature Manifesting System for energetically creating your dream body & losing weight with ease and flow ($697 value)

↠ The Private Facebook Group w/ monthly group coaching and Q&A calls ($497 value)

↠ Workbooks, Meditations, & Printable Trackers to help you stay focused and make continuous progress in your journey every single day ($297 value)

↠ "The Exact Physical Actions I Took to Lose the Weight" Bonus Training for an extra high-vibe dose of inspiration and magic! ($97 value)


When you add it all up, that's a total value of $1,588

But when you join today, you'll get access to everything for just…



— F.A.Q. —

What other people have asked before joining the Woo-Woo Weight Loss program


1. I have health issues that prevent me from exercising a lot. Will this still work for me?

Absolutely. I was in the same boat, and the only exercise I did while on my woo-woo weight loss journey was going on gentle walks. Again, it’s all about your energy. Exercise or no exercise, you can still lose weight — and that’s exactly what you’ll learn how to do inside this course.


2. I’ve tried so many things in the past that didn’t work and I’m ready to give up. How is this any different?

Did any of those other things involve correcting an energetic misalignment? Because that’s where 99.9% of people are going wrong. They focus only on their external actions and never consider that what’s going on inside of them (their thoughts, beliefs, emotions) are impacting their progress.

When you learn how to makeover your mindset, elevate your emotions, and tap into your future self (which we go over in detail inside this course), your dream body can’t not manifest.


3. I’ve been struggling with my weight for so. many. years. Can things really shift that quickly when I’ve been overweight for so long?

When it comes to losing weight, your body is your own best friend. It has built-in systems for burning fat, boosting your metabolism, and healing itself.

When you learn how to activate these process via your energetic vibration, things can shift pretty rapidly. I’m not saying it will happen overnight, but if you stick with it, it’ll be worth every minute.


4. How is this different from other weight loss programs out there?

I don’t know of many programs that focus on weight loss from an internal, energetic perspective. There are courses and programs about nutrition, dieting, and exercise, but manifesting weight loss just isn’t covered at the extent it needs to be! That’s what makes this program unique in its approach, content, and actual results.


5. What if I don’t have time to do the work? You said we had to “work the system” and I’m already so busy!

I did say that, and you do have to work the system. But don’t worry: before long, the system will just become your way of life, the way you do things and show up in the world. It’ll feel easy and automatic.

Plus, I’m guessing you’ve already spent hundreds of hours in the past trying out various diets and workout programs that didn’t get you the results you wanted. Isn’t it worth it to invest a few hours a week into a program that’s actually going to work?


6. Are the course modules released one at a time or all at once?

All of the course modules, along with the bonuses, are available from the minute you sign up. You don’t have to wait for anything.

Because the modules aren’t drip-released and the course is entirely self-paced, that means you’re responsible for scheduling time into your calendar each week to watch the course lessons, complete the heartwork, and take action on what you learn.


7. Do you offer a payment plan?

Because everything in this program is immediately accessible from the minute you sign up, we are unable to offer payment plans.


8. What if I do everything you suggest and I still don’t get results?

Although I highly doubt that will happen (it hasn’t happened for any of my students yet), I do offer a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Simply send me a message at within two weeks of purchasing to receive a full refund.


9. Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

As soon as you join, you’ll get immediate access to:

  • The core Woo-Woo Weight Loss modules with my signature system for manifesting your dream body & losing weight ($697 value)

  • The Private Facebook Group with monthly group coaching calls ($497 value)

  • Workbooks, Meditations, & Trackers to help you move forward and make progress ($197 value)

  • “The Exact Physical Actions I Took to Lose the Weight” bonus training for an extra umph of high-vibe inspiration ($97 value)


The Woo-Woo Weight Loss program will be PERFECT for you if:

↠ You’re pretty new to the idea of manifesting weight loss and you want to nail it from the get-go with a step-by-step system that works.

↠ Your weight is getting in the way of you living your life to the fullest, and you’re ready to overcome your body struggles once and for all.

↠ You’ve seen the power of manifestation in other areas of your life, and you’re ready and excited to start applying it to your weight.

↠ You know that your time is now. You’re determined, committed, and willing to do the work to achieve your goals.

↠ … In fact, you’re already investing time and resources every week trying to lose weight and feel better in your body.

↠ You’re frustrated that all the steps you’ve taken up to this point haven’t given you the results you want.

↠ You understand that your energy creates your reality — including the way your body looks and feels — and you’re excited to put that knowledge to good use.

↠ You’re ready to put the system to work. You’re excited to uplevel your thoughts, elevate your emotions, and do the inner work needed to manifest the body of your dreams.


If you said “Yes” to at least 5 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside Woo-Woo Weight Loss!