Become your healthiest, hottest, most high-vibe self

(without taking 18 supplements a day, living in a doctor’s office, or chugging celery juice for breakfast).


If you're a...

blogger, course creator, or entrepreneur
who wants to kick their health struggles to the curb and feel confident that they can show up in their business every day...

… you probably already know that taking care of yourself is top priority.

You know that sitting at a desk all day isn’t good for you, and that working 60 hours a week is a recipe for burnout, and that you can only serve your clients and customers well when your own needs have been met first.

But no matter how much time you carve out for yourself or how many bubble baths you take, your health still seems to be stuck in a downward spiral. 

I want to help you change that.
When you learn how to manifest the healthy body you’ve been dreaming of, you’ll be able to:

Grow your business with ease

When new ideas and opportunities come your way, you’re able to pursue them headfirst — without worrying that an unexpected health hiccup will slow you down, stop you from following through, or worse, result in you letting people down.

Support your friends, family, and clients

You’ll no longer be the “sick friend” who always has to cancel plans last-minute because she isn’t feeling well or had a flare-up. Instead, you’ll be the radiant, reliable rock your loved ones can lean on whenever they need to (how’s that for role reversal?!).

Work in your business when you want and as much as you want

Your embarrassingly frequent “sick days” will become a thing of the past, and you’ll only have to turn on your “Out of Office” email when you’re actually out doing something fun — not curled up on the couch with a heating pad and bottle of Advil.

Ditch the never-ending stream of appointments

I mean, I know you love all those visits to the doctor’s office, the specialist appointments, and the countless tests you’ve had to take over the years (you know, the ones that always come back as “inconclusive”?) — except wait, you actually don’t love them. Because they totally SUCK! (Your time, money, and a little bit of joy from your life).

Confidently book a ticket to that retreat you've been eyeing up...

...Without worrying that you’ll wind up sick on the day-of, won’t be able to make it, and will be stuck with a non-refundable ticket. Girl, you’re gonna be feeling so good you might even host your OWN damn retreat! (Bali, anyone?)

Even though the reasons you want to get healthy are super straightforward, the path to getting there is anything but.
You’ve tried everything the experts recommend for getting healthy...

You’ve read the books and followed the protocols…

You’ve talked to all sorts of doctors and specialists…

You’ve tried an all-organic diet, a whole-foods diet, a low-carb diet, #allthediets…

You’ve taken an arsenal of medications, supplements, and vitamins…

Maybe you’ve even tried “alternative” approaches like acupuncture, massage therapy, or reflexology.

Each protocol and pill and diet promised you the world, but all of them ended up falling short.

What if I told you that all of those experts you’ve talked to were missing one vital ingredient?

A piece of the puzzle that would make everything fall into place and finally help you get the results you’ve been chasing for so many years?

Here's what no one is telling you about getting healthy.

All the tests, doctors, vitamins, and diets in the world can’t possibly make up for an energetic misalignment.

The very thing that’s holding you back from getting to a place of ultimate health, energy, and vibrancy might just be (and I say this with love!) ...



Let me explain.

The Law of Attraction is a Universal law which states that things of a similar “vibrational nature” are drawn together. Like attracts like.

This means that when we’re constantly focused on pain, illness, and disease, we’re only attracting more pain, illness, and disease into our life.

But here lies your greatest opportunity.

By learning about manifestation, the Law of Attraction, and how to work with energy, you can change your story. Pain, illness, and disease can become a thing of your past, and “radiant, healthy, and energetic” can become your new norm.

When you master the process of manifestation, you’re able to create the healthy body of your dreams (plus, attracting anything else you want becomes a breeze, too!).

5 mindset shifts you need to make right now to get healthy and end the cycle of illness


YOU are the sole creator of your reality. No one controls your life except for you.

No outside sources, doctors, diets, or anything else can dictate how your life shapes up. Once you understand this, the game changes. You’re no longer an innocent bystander or a victim of fixed fate. The ball’s in your court, it’s your move, and YOU have the ability to change how your story plays out.

“I am the confident creator of my own reality and I choose to create a life I love."


Your energetic vibration determines your life experience via the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction states that: “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.”

In an energetic sense, this means that things of a similar energetic nature will always be drawn together and things with opposite vibrational natures are repelled from each other.

When you live in a “high-vibe” state, you attract other high-vibe things into your life. In other words, you attract more people, places, things, and experiences that make you feel high-vibe (joyful, empowered, grateful, etc.).

The opposite is also true. When you live in a low-vibrational state, you attract things into your life that further your low-vibrational thoughts and feelings of pain, hopelessness, and despair.

"My energetic vibration creates my life, and I choose to create a positive life experience."


Your thoughts + your emotions = your energetic vibration.

Here’s how this works on a biological level (#nerdtalk comin’ atcha).

As the neurons in your brain fire in certain ways when you think certain thoughts, they emit an electrical current of energy. This electrical current pairs with a magnetic frequency that emits from your heart space as you experience various emotional states.

These two things combined — your thoughts and emotions — create your body’s electromagnetic frequency, which we call your “energetic vibration”.

“I choose to immerse myself in high-vibrational thoughts and emotions so that I attract wonderful things into my life.”


You can change your reality by changing your thoughts & emotions.

If you want to improve your health, you have to change the thoughts you think and the emotions you feel. Change your thoughts and emotions, and you change your energetic vibration; change your energetic vibration, and you change what you attract into your life via the Law of Attraction.

“I am the only person responsible for my thoughts and emotions, and therefore the only person responsible for creating (and changing) my life.”


Your thoughts and emotions can “turn on” and “turn off” certain genes in your body to promote health and healing.

This is the physical mechanism behind how manifestation works in the body. By thinking certain thoughts and experiencing certain emotions, you can upregulate and downregulate certain genes in your body.

These genes then activate or deactivate various processes, including the production of proteins, that dictate the health and wellness of your body and all of its cells, organs, and tissues. Cool, right!?

“I have the power to change my body and health by changing my thoughts and emotions. I have the power to change my life.”
In a nutshell, getting healthy starts from within.

If you want to live life as your healthiest, most vibrant & radiant self, it all starts with your energetic vibration.

No doctor, pill, or fancy diet can get you to a place of optimal health if there’s an energetic misalignment. No one can get you to that place of vibrancy if your energetic vibration is literally repelling health and wellness.

But the good news is that the ball’s in your court. The power lies within you alone!

By elevating your thoughts and emotions, you can create a new genetic destiny.

By changing your vibration, you can change your body, your health, and quite literally your entire life.

And with your permission, I’d love to show you how to do this.


Healthy & High-Vibe
The monthly membership for biz babes who are ready to manifest the healthy body of their dreams.

After suffering with chronic pain and health issues for over a decade, I finally had my “enough is enough” moment when I knew I had to find something that would sort out my health problems for good.

I began to apply everything I knew about manifestation to my health and body, and after months of tweaking, adjusting, and perfecting my strategies…

They started to work.

I developed an effective, repeatable process for impoving my health by working with my thoughts, emotions, and energy — which I now teach to other entrepreneurs who are struggling with their health and craving real, lasting results.

Healthy and High-Vibe is the only membership of its kind that…

Teaches you all the basics of manifesting as well as advanced tools & techniques for vibrational healing on a quantum level

Provides a step-by-step system for quickly shifting your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions to where they need to be so you can feel better, every single time

Utilizes deep inner work to facilitate the upregulation and downregulation of your genes, leading to radical healing and improvement

Encourages you to step into the creator role so you can finally become the architect of your own life

If you’re ready to become your healthiest self and feel good AF in your body, here’s how we’re going to get you there:



The S.H.I.F.T Method Training
for manifesting your healthiest, most vibrant self

As soon as you join the Healthy & High-Vibe membership, you’ll dive into this epic 60-minute training where you’ll learn my signature 5-step system for shifting into your new reality as quickly as possible.

You’ll dive into the basic and advanced principles of manifestation, along with a simple, repeatable manifesting method that will have you seeing real results, real fast.

The SHIFT Method training ensures that all new members are immediately on track to bringing their health and wellness goals to life and provides a framework that you’ll refer back to time and time again on your journey.


Get a crash course in all things manifestation and vibrational healing so you know exactly what you need to be doing, thinking, and feeling in order to create the healthy  life of your dreams

Implement my signature 5-Step SHIFT Method for manifesting your healthiest, most vibrant self — without having to rely on anyone but Y-O-U to make it happen

Learn the top 3 mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting so you can immediately move past the “rookie” stage and become a total pro at creating what you want  

Get my top 5 tips for dealing with flare-ups in a productive way, changing your thought patterns, and staying whole-heartedly focused on your vision until it manifests into reality



A private Facebook group
with monthly group coaching calls to ensure you're guided, supported & part of a community who "gets it"

As soon as you join the membership, you’ll become a cherished member of our private Facebook community — where you’ll meet dozens of other like-minded ladies who understand what you’re going through and who will love on you when you need it the most.

You’ll use the Facebook group for connecting with fellow biz babes, asking questions, and getting inspired by what the other members are achieving in their own lives. I’m in the group every single day responding to comments and making sure you get exactly what you need to move forward.

On the last Tuesday of every month, you’ll join us for a live group coaching call in the Facebook group where all of your questions will be answered and where you’ll receive personalized advice for staying high-vibe and healthy in the days and weeks to come.

If you’re unable to attend one of the calls live, you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time and watch a recording of the call at your earliest convenience.



Trainings by incredible guest experts
on advanced techniques & tools to step up your manifesting game & speed up your healing

Once you’ve completed the SHIFT Method training and begun meeting tons of incredible women in our Facebook group, you’ll dive into our guest expert trainings.

These trainings will introduce you to advanced manifestation techniques as well as external and internal tools for raising your vibration and becoming an energetic match for health and wellness.

When combined with the SHIFT Method, these advanced tools and techniques will allow you to make quantum leaps forward in your health journey — in a way that feels good, aligned, and super high-vibe.

New guest experts will spotlight in our membership on a regular basis, and you’ll be able to vote in the Facebook group for the topic and expert you want to learn from next.

Our first guest expert training is already live, and it’s all about XYZ.



A growing library of videos, meditations, & more
to make your health journey as smooth and hiccup-free as possible – with new resources added every month!

In the first week of each month, you’ll receive access to new content that will help you overcome your blocks and hurdles, align yourself with health and wellness, and dive deep into your intuitive guidance to uncover the best next steps to take on your health journey.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to manifesting is “knowing” the information but not applying it. These resources will ensure that in everything you do, you’re living, breathing, and embodying your healthiest, most radiant self.

And when you do that, that version of reality can’t not manifest!

The resources in your library will include an array of video trainings, workbooks and guides, journaling prompts, meditations, positive affirmations, guided visualizations, and more!

Current resources include:

The Healthy AF Meditation

The Healthy AF Workbook

Item here

Item five goes here


When you win, I win.

When you join the the Healthy & High-Vibe Membership, I’ll be celebrating your successes just as hard as you do (someone pass the bubbly!).

I know that the S.H.I.F.T. Method produces crazy-amazing results and because it’s based on Universal laws that apply equally to everyone and everything on the planet, I know there’s no one it “won’t” work for.

But to make the system work, you gotta WORK IT.

You need to implement the 5-step system — live it, breathe it, own it, make it yours — and soon, you’ll see your life begin to shift.

I’m so confident in the experience you’ll have inside this membership, that I have a no-questions-asked cancellation policy.

You can cancel your membership at any time with zero fees or penalties. Simply email me at to let me know, or cancel your subscription anytime from within your members dashboard.

Here’s everything you’re getting when you join the Healthy & High-Vibe Membership today:

The "5-step SHIFT Method" Training for manifesting your healthiest, most vibrant self   $97 value

Private Facebook Group & Monthly Group with monthly group coaching calls   $297 value

Workbooks, Meditations, Guides & More with new resources added every month   $197 value

Guest Expert Trainings on advanced techniques and tools to amp up your healing   $297 value

When you add it all up, that's a value of $888

But when you join today, you'll get access to everything for just:

$22 USD

per month

The first $22 payment will come out today, and follow-up payments will be withdrawn on the same day each month, one month apart.

*Applicable GST/HST will be added for Canadian customers.*



What people have asked before signing up for the Healthy & High-Vibe Membership:

I have legitimate health issues that have been diagnosed. Can I actually heal those with just my energy?

I completely understand your concern, and although I would never tell you to stop seeing your doctor or taking your medications (that would be incredibly negligent of me!), I do believe that within all of us lies a power to heal our bodies.

I’ve seen manifestation and energy at work in all areas of my own life — including my bank account, my business, my body, and so much more. I’ve seen it work not just for myself, but for countless clients, students, friends, and family members.

I have full confidence it will work for you too, no matter how deep, intense, or prolonged your health issues and struggles have been.

What if I try out the SHIFT method and I actually start feeling worse?

You’ll probably continue to have both “good days” and “bad days” for the first little while as you begin implementing the system and weaving it into your life. This is because there’s always a time buffer between the time when you decide to manifest something and the time when it actually manifests.

This is when you must hold the faith. This is when you must lean into trust and continue to work the system, knowing that a better reality is coming. We talk about this in more detail in the SHIFT Method training, along with how to make yourself comfortable and remain high-vibe during the down-days.

I’ve been struggling with my health for so. many. years. Can things really shift that quickly when I’ve been suffering for so long?

When it comes to healing, your body is your best friend. Just think of how quickly a scab forms on a cut!

Your body has built-in processes and tools for healing itself, and when you learn how to activate those processes with your thoughts/emotions/energy, things can shift pretty rapidly. I’m not saying it will happen overnight (although it might!), but if you stick with it, it’ll be worth every minute.

How is this different from other monthly memberships and health programs out there?

For starters, there aren’t nearly enough people out there focusing on health from an energetic perspective. There are courses and programs about nutrition, exercise, and treatments for various diseases and disorders, but manifesting better health just isn’t covered as much as it needs to be.

Secondly, this membership is for entrepreneurs only. As business owners, we have unique lives, stressors, and struggles. When I created this membership, I wanted it to be a space for entrepreneurs to come together and share those things in a safe place.

What if I don’t have time to do the work? You said we had to “work the system” to get results and I’m already so busy?!

I did say that! And you do have to work the system. But the great part is that before long, the system will become your new way of life. Your new way of functioning in the world.

At first, it takes time because you have to be watchful of your thoughts and emotions throughout the day so you can course-correct. But as high-vibe thoughts and emotions become your norm, you attract more high-vibe thoughts and emotions. It’s the Law of Attraction at work again! This makes it easier and easier over time to stay in that high-vibrational state where you can manifest what you desire.

Plus, you’re probably already spending hours, if not days every week searching for answers, trying different health remedies, seeing doctors, and trying to make yourself as comfortable as possible through it all. We’re going to reinvest a tiny portion of that time into your manifesting efforts!

How long will I have access to all of the material inside the membership?

You’ll have access to all the content and materials for as long as you remain a member.

All PDFs and guides are downloadable to your computer so you’ll be able to hang onto those for life. The videos and guest trainings live within our membership portal and are non-downloadable. If you decide to cancel your membership, you will lose access to the video trainings as well as our private Facebook group.

What if, at some point down the road, the membership is no longer a good fit for me?

I totally get that everyone outgrows things, which is why you can cancel your membership at any time with no fees or penalties. You can cancel from within your membership portal, or you can simply email me at and I’ll handle it for you.

Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I sign up today?

As soon as you sign up, you’ll have immediate access to:

  • The 60-minute SHIFT Method training that will XYZ
  • The private members-only Facebook group
  • Monthly group coaching calls, which take place on the last Tuesday of each month
  • XXX
  • XXX
  • XXX
The Healthy & High-Vibe Membership will be PERFECT for you if:

You’re pretty new to the idea of manifesting better health and you want to nail it from the get-go with a step-by-step system that works.

Your health struggles are getting in the way of you living your life to the fullest, and you’re ready to overcome them once and for all.

You’ve seen the power of manifestation in other areas of your life, and you’re ready and excited to start applying it to your health.

You’re determined, committed, and and willing to do the work to achieve your goals.

… In fact, you’re already investing time and resources every week trying to find a diagnosis, feel better, and take care of yourself.

You’re often frustrated because all the steps you’ve taken up to this point haven’t given you the answers and the relief you want.

You understand that your energy creates your reality — including your health — and you’re excited to put that knowledge to good use.

You can’t wait to implement the SHIFT Method so you can start thinking new thoughts, feeling high-vibe emotions, and just generally feel better.

You’re ready to put the system to work. You’re excited to uplevel your thoughts, elevate your emotions, and do the inner work to manifest the healthy body of your dreams.

If you said “Yes” to at least 6 of the above, I can’t wait to meet you inside the Healthy & High-Vibe Membership!

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