The Made for Magic Mentorship

For the woman who’s DONE settling for “good enough” and ready to create big magic in every area of her life.

Prefer to listen?

Check out this video from last week’s live event where I talk about the mentorship!


My Story

 Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted big things for myself.

I didn’t want to be just another hairstylist, nurse, or receptionist, working 40 hours a week and coming home to her respectable banker husband, two kids, and the family dog.

I wanted to do things differently.

I wanted to live differently.

Because deep down, I knew that I was different.

I wasn’t like everyone else.

Growing up, you could say I never quite “fit in” with the group (still don’t).

Sometimes I felt like my brain worked in a different way than other people’s.

Like I was creating my life from a different blueprint than everyone else.

I could see the bigger picture…

And I had bigger dreams than everyone around me.

I wanted more for myself.

More than a 9-5 job.

More than a 3-bed, 2-bath home in the suburbs.

More than 2.2 kids and a Dodge Caravan.

And, as I got older, instead of shrinking back, my dreams only got BIGGER.

I continued wanting MORE.

More travel.
More money.
More cars.
More romance.
More freedom.

For a long time, I thought that this incessant wanting was a curse.

Why couldn’t I just be satisfied with what I already had?

Why was it never enough for me?!

But eventually, I came to realize that my incessant WANTING was actually my biggest gift.

That I was a gift.

Because “wanting more” means you’re living life on the Leading Edge.

“Wanting more” means you’re leading the world into a new stage of evolution.

“Wanting more” means you were made for more.

“Wanting more” means you were made for MAGIC.


Now, don’t get me wrong.

The world needs the 9-5ers.

It needs the Suburb Sally’s.

And it needs the worker bees.

But you and I?

We are NOT those people.

And we never will be.

It’s just not in our DNA.

But guess what?

The world needs us even more.

It needs the dreamers, the visionaries, the leaders, the way-showers.

It needs us to live our lives on the Leading Edge.

Always wanting more…
Always creating more…

Because that is how the universe expands.

Through us wanting more, asking for more, and dreaming bigger dreams…

We expand the fucking universe.

That’s the role you and I are here to play.

That’s what we came here to do.

So yes, we are different…

And yes, we want more for ourselves than most people do...

We want to play at a bigger level.

We want to have more magic in our lives.

But that’s actually a beautiful thing.
A necessary thing.
A universe-expanding thing.

And it’s time for us to fucking OWN IT.



The Made for Magic Mentorship

An ongoing program for the visionaries and big dreamers of the world who are ready to claim their desires, quit playing small, and create big, big magic in every area of their lives.


In the Made for Magic Mentorship, you’ll join me and an intimate group of made-for-more women as you expand your desires, uplevel in all areas, and manifest every single thing on your vision board like 👏👏👏

Not just the money.
Not just the rockin’ bod.
Not just the cars, the houses, and the boats.
Not just the super hot soulmate.
Not just the first class travel.


Because you can have it all.

Even more than that, you deserve to have it all.

Every single one of your desires was given to you for a reason, and manifesting those desires is your work and your purpose in this lifetime.

My life’s work?

Teaching you how to do it.


I’m Krista, a spiritual business, weight loss, and health coach for ambitious women who are done settling for “good enough” and ready to turn their magic ALL the fucking way on.

In the last few years, I’ve manifested some preetttty crazy shit in every single area of my life.

I quit my 9-5 job and started a successful at-home business.

I then manifested a full roster of dreamy clients…
My handsome, swoon-worthy soulmate…
Five-figure program launches…
Full-time travel…
My dream body…
And most recently, a $15,000 cheque to pay off my student loans and become completely debt-free.

Not to mention all the other fun “stuff”along the way — laptops, ipads, my new car, a home with a pool overlooking the city…

And although my life is pretty amazing and I’m so, so grateful for it…

I’m not stopping here.

Because I know that I was made for more.

I know that I was made for MAGIC — just like you.

In fact, just the other day I created a massive vision board with all the things I’m manifesting into my life next. Take a peek!

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 4.46.21 PM.png

The cool part?

I know that it’s all going to manifest.

I know how to claim my desires and then surrender the “how” to the universe.

I know how to manifest like a MOFO.

I know what it takes, and I’m doing it.

Living it, breathing it — every single day.

And that’s exactly what YOU’LL do inside the Made for Magic Mentorship.

Whether you decide to stay for one month, three months, a year, or more — you’ll get exactly what you need to tap into your inner magic and start creating the life of total abundance, freedom, and bliss you deserve.


Here’s what happens as soon as you join the Made for Magic Mentorship:

Step 1. You watch the “Manifest That S.H.I.F.T.” Masterclass.

The first thing you’ll do after signing up is dive into my 75-minute “Manifest That S.H.I.F.T.” Masterclass where you’ll learn my 5-step system for calling in, vibing with, and manifesting your biggest desires.

We talk #allthethings manifesting, including:

  • The energy, biology, physiology, and genetic processes behind how manifesting and the Law of Attraction “work”

  • The biggest manifesting mistakes I see people making (AKA: what NOT to do!)

  • How to continuously work my signature 5-step S.H.I.F.T. method to manifest your biggest desires like a total goddess

  • My favorite internal and external tools you can use to raise your energetic vibration and become a match for your desires

  • My own personal daily rituals and routines for manifesting and magic that you can adopt and use as your own

Step 2. You’ll attend our weekly Group Mentoring calls on Tuesday afternoons.

Once you have your manifesting foundation firmly in place, you’ll join me and an intimate group of Made for Magic women every single week for a high-vibe group call where we talk #allthethings manifesting, money, and magic.

Everyone on the call gets a chance to speak, share what’s going on with them, and get advice, support, and feedback from me.

These calls are where the true magic happens! It’s like 1:1 coaching mixed with masterminding mixed with high-vibe lessons and training. It’s #allthethings you’ve ever wanted… all rolled up into one amazing program.

Step 3. You’ll mastermind with myself and the other cool AF ladies inside our private Facebook Group.

On top of the weekly calls and my signature manifesting training, you’ll receive immediate access to our private Facebook group where you’ll chat, co-create, and mastermind with the other Made for Magic ladies on a daily basis. This group will be your new favorite place to hang out because of how high-vibe, supportive, and inspiring it is!

Step 4. Finally, you’ll get UNLIMITED 1:1 chat access to me.

To make sure you’re supported and “in the vibes” every single minute of every single day, you’ll get unlimited 1:1 access to me. You can send me a direct message or a voice memo on Voxer anytime with your questions, concerns, or anything you need advice on. I’m here to support you!

✨ BONUS: 30-Minute Magic Making Session with Krista

Shortly after you join the mentorship, you and I will hop on a bonus 1:1 call where we’ll chat about where you’re at right now, your biggest desires (I’m gonna pull ‘em out of you no matter how deeply you’ve buried them!!), and what your next steps are from here.

I wanna know eeeeverything about you, so we’re gonna dive into all the fun stuff: Your astrology, Human Design, Myers-Briggs, and more. By the time we wrap up this call, I’m gonna know you better than you know yourself. 😉

When you add everything up, the total value of this program is well over $2,000 per month.

But you can join today at the special early-bird rate of just $333
(yep, seriously!)

I have no doubt that you’ll be making millions of dollars one day, but I also know that you aren’t quite there yet. That’s why I’m offering this program at such an affordable price — as my way of giving back. Spots are sure to fill up quickly, so don’t wait!


If you know deep down that you were made for more…

That you were born to be, do, and have bigger things in this lifetime…

Then the Made for Magic Mentorship was made for you.


Thank you for your interest in this program! Spots have now been filled.



1. How is this different from other mentorships or programs out there?

In my experience, most programs are focused on helping you get or achieve one thing. Money. Clients. Your soulmate. A sexy body.

But you and I don’t want to manifest just one of those things, right? We want to manifest them ALL.

When I finally started owning up to this trait in myself, I got to thinking, “Where are the programs helping ladies like me manifest not just one thing, but all of it?”

Because DUH — you were made to have it all.

That’s why I created the Made for Magic Mentorship.

To unlock the ambition in you, help you stop letting other people trick you into thinking & playing small, and show you how to finally OWN your biggest and deepest desires so you can call them into existence.

2. What kinds of topics can we work on together?

We’ll work on whatever you feel called to manifest next. Money, clients, success, better health, your dream body… it’s totally up to you! I’m here to support you in anything you desire to be, do, or have.

3. What are the group calls like?

Once a week on Tuesdays, we hop on our weekly group mentorship call. Everyone at the call gets a chance to speak for as long as they need to, share what’s going on with them, and ask me questions.

The call length varies depending on the level of support everyone needs that week. I stay on the call until everyone’s questions have been answered and you’re all feeling 100% ready to kick ass for the rest of the week.

If needed, the start times of our calls may vary from week to week to accommodate different time zones.

4. Are there any requirements to join the mentorship? For example, do I need to be at a certain income level?

No. If you resonate with everything I wrote above, you’ll be a perfect fit.

I’ve set clear intentions around the type of people who will be joining me in this program, so rest assured that you’ll be masterminding with a group of women just like you – those who are made for more, ready to dream big, and who love manifesting and magic just as much as you do. ✨

5. Are there a minimum number of months I have to join for?

Nope! You can stay in the mentorship for one month, six months, or however many months you feel called to stay for. It’s totally up to you!

6. What happens if I decide to leave the mentorship?

You can cancel your mentorship at any time, no questions asked and with zero hoops to jump through.

If you do cancel, you’ll remain in the mentorship until the end of your current billing cycle and you can continue attending the group calls, messaging me with questions, and interacting in the Facebook group until then.

7. How much 1:1 access will I get to you?

You get unlimited access to me (not offered anywhere else!).

You’ll be able to message me as often as you like to ask questions, get support, or simply to let my expansive energy rub off on you.

8. Are there limited spots available?

Yes! This is going to be a small, intimate group of women. When spots fill up, enrollment will close and you won’t be able to join us.

9. Can you remind me of everything I get when I join today?

Yes! You get immediate access all of the following:

>> Weekly group mentorship calls <<

>> 1:1 access and support from me every single day <<

>> The private Facebook group for masterminding <<

>> The “Manifest That S.H.I.F.T.” Masterclass <<

>> A bonus 30-minute 1:1 coaching session with me <<

>> The 5-Part Manifestation Party Video series <<

>> Plus any other goodies I think you’ll benefit from! <<

8. My gut is saying YES, but I’m nervous…


You’ve got this.

And you probably already know what I’m going to say:

Follow your intuition.

Fear and anxiety always come from your ego and are NOT based in love. They only serve to hold you back from reaching your next level.

Your heart knows the way.
Your intuition knows the way.
Your soul knows the way. Trust it.


Here’s the thing.

You don’t need to buy yet another business course.

You don’t need to read yet another book or attend yet another webinar.

You don’t need to spend $20,000 on a business coach or cross your fingers for a lottery win.

You need to learn how to MASTER YOUR FUCKING ENERGY.

So that everything you want comes to you.

No more chasing.
No more stressing.
No more sleepless nights.

Just abundance, freedom, and total bliss.

Because you were made for more.

You were made for MAGIC.

And it’s time for you to claim it.

Thank you for your interest in this program! Spots have now been filled.