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The Manifestation Party!

A 5-day training for babes who are done settling for mediocre lives & ready to create MAGIC in every area

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Here's what you'll learn in this free 5-day training:


How to claim your desires and root them in soulful purpose so that manifesting anything becomes quick, easy, and aligned

My simply, crazy-effective A.B.C. formula (AKA your new secret weapon) for manifesting #allthethings

What other gurus aren't telling you about different manifesting styles and how to tweak your approach to make it work for YOU

How to troubleshoot what's going wrong when things just aren't manifesting – plus the top myths and mistakes you need to avoid

How to embody feminine energy so you can step into receivership and flow and actually GET all the things you want

Energy changes everything.

When you know how to become an energetic match for everything you desire, a whole new world opens up – one where miracles are an everyday occurrence and magic is the new norm.

Join me in this free 5-day training if you're ready to step up, play at a bigger level, and welcome in all the health, wealth, and happiness you deserve.

It's go time.

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The Manifestation Party is a need-it-gotta-have-it if:

You know you're meant for MORE but right now, you feel stuck in the land of smallness and mediocrity

Manifestation feels a bit "woo" to you and you want some tools and systems to bring it down to earth

You're struggling with your health, finances, or weight, and you've just about hit your wit's end — something's gotta give

You're ready to put on your party pants, have some fun, and learn a ton of shit that's going to change your life


A personal invite from Krista

I’ve been called the Manifestation Queen a time or two, and now, I want to share all my secrets with YOU.

After manifesting my dream life — including my amazing work-at-home business, the man of my dreams, long-term travel, and so much more — I’ve developed a set of energetic systems, formula, and strategies that generate real results, real quickly.

This brand-new, one-time-only training includes everything I’ve learned over the past three years of study, practice, and exploration into the principles of manifestation.

If you want to stop playing small and start expanding into your next-level life, this is an event you can't afford to miss.

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This event is now over!

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