Episode 006. Being an Empath and Navigating Weight & Wellness, featuring Robin Scott

I’m so excited about today’s episode because we have the lovely Robin here from The Diary of an Empath, and she’s going to be sharing all of her wisdom with us. In this episode, Robin talks about what it means to be an empath and how to utilize your unique abilities in your pursuit of personal wellness.

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Episode 005. The Magic 5: How Five Daily Habits Can Change Your Life

When you start diving into the world of health and wellness, and the world of “woo” and spirituality, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed really quickly. There is so much information available and you’re trying to cram it all into your head and apply it to your life by incorporating all these different rituals and routines and daily habits. It’s a lot & it can be really frustrating!

On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about a concept that I call, “The Magic 5”: How five daily habits can change your life. We’ll talk about what the Magic 5 is, my own experience with The Magic 5, and how to create & implement your own magic five habits.

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Episode 004. The 4-Step Framework for Manifesting Your Dream Body

We’re discussing one of my absolute favorite topics today: weight loss. In this episode, we’re talking about the 4-step framework for manifesting your dream body. This is the same framework that I teach in my signature program, Woo-Woo Weight Loss.

 Today, I’ll be giving you an overview of the framework, explaining each of the steps, and giving you some action items to implement in your own life so that you can start seeing results ASAP if you’re ready to lose weight!

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Episode 003. 4 Tips for Manifesting Better Health

Today’s topic is very close to my heart and something that I feel like isn’t talked about nearly enough: How to manifest better health. Through talking to many of you over email, Instagram, and through my online course, I’ve learned that chronic illness and poor health are things that many of you are struggling with and have been struggling with for quite a while.

In this episode, I’m going to share some different ways of shifting your health, your mindset, and your body for the better that you might not have thought about or come across before. My goal is that you leave with a newfound sense of hope, a sense of excitement, an understanding of how your energy impacts your health and your body, and that you also have a few key, tangible things you can start doing today to manifest better health.

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Episode 002. How I Healed My Chronic Headaches

I struggled with headaches and migraines for decades. Today, we’re talking all about healing from chronic illness, and I’m going to share my story and experience with chronic headaches. I’ll share how I was able to heal myself with a combination of traditional Western approaches paired with a whole bunch of woo-woo energetic stuff.

In this episode, I’ll share how my headaches started, what contributed to them, all the different things that I tried that didn’t work, and what I did that finally brought about my full recovery from chronic headaches. I’m also going to share six pieces of advice for anyone who is struggling with chronic headaches and migraines.

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