Episode 004. The 4-Step Framework for Manifesting Your Dream Body


We’re discussing one of my absolute favorite topics today: weight loss. In this episode, we’re talking about the 4-step framework for manifesting your dream body. This is the same framework that I teach in my signature program, Soulful Weight Loss (formerly Woo-Woo Weight Loss).

 Today, I’ll be giving you an overview of the framework, explaining each of the steps, and giving you some action items to implement in your own life so that you can start seeing results ASAP if you’re ready to lose weight!

The 4-step framework for manifesting your dream body

What’s in this episode

  • What “Woo-Woo Weight Loss” is

  • How to elevate your energy

  • An exercise to elevate your energy every day

  • How to give yourself a mindset makeover

  • Where your limiting beliefs come from

  • Using positive affirmations to rewrite your limiting beliefs

  • Making the self-love shift

  • Tapping into your intuition in order to take aligned action

  • Different methods for tapping into your intuition

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“The internal work must be done before your external actions can or will have a lasting effect on you or your body.”

“Manifesting is simply bringing something from your inner world, from basically your mind, your imagination, into your outer world where you can then enjoy those things with your physical senses.”

 “One of the biggest keys to elevating your energy is positive emotion, so experiencing emotions like joy, freedom, gratitude, love, empowerment.”

“Baby steps count.”

“Your subconscious mind is all about survival.”

 “We need to uncover your subconscious limiting beliefs, the beliefs that aren’t serving you in your weight loss journey and then we need to re-write those beliefs.”

 “All transformation is done through love.”

 “We need to always embody our future self in order to step into that version of reality.”

 “No matter what the guidance is that you receive, I want you to commit to following it.”

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