Episode 005. The Magic 5: How Five Daily Habits Can Change Your Life


When you start diving into the world of health and wellness, and the world of “woo” and spirituality, it’s super easy to get overwhelmed quickly. There’s so much information available and you’re trying to cram it all into your head and apply it to your life by incorporating all these different rituals and routines and daily habits. It’s a lot & it can be really frustrating!

On today’s episode, we’re going to talk about a concept that I call, “The Magic 5”: How five daily habits can change your life. We’ll talk about what the Magic 5 is, my own experience with The Magic 5, and how to create & implement your own magic five habits.

The Magic Five - five daily habits that can change your life.png

What’s in this episode

  • My personal experience with feeling overwhelmed by all the daily practices I wanted to include in my life

  • What “The Magic” 5 is

  • The importance of uncovering & acknowledging what your body and soul need right now

  • Why five is the magic number of daily habits

  • My own current, personal “Magic 5”

  • Things to consider when creating & implementing your own Magic 5

  • Examples of what you can include in your own list


“I would always feel like such a failure when I couldn’t follow through and tick everything off on my list.”

“Do you try to choose these daily habits that you feel like are going to make all the difference for you in terms of your health and wellness, your spirituality, your abundance, and your business, but then you get overwhelmed and you can’t follow through?”

 “The Magic 5 is all about committing to five daily habits. Five actions that you’re going to carry out each day and that’s it.”

 “There is no universal Magic 5.”

“I always avoid giving and also taking really prescriptive advice that says there is only one right way to do something because 99 times out of 100, there’s not one perfect way to do things.”

 “Five is not too many things that you’re going to get overwhelmed but also not too few things. It’s enough habits to make a big difference in your quality of life.”

 “It is always better to do something than nothing.”

 “The Magic 5 is all about achieving balance.”

 “Your Magic 5 is going to look different than mine, that’s the point because what you & I need right now in these specific points of our lives is different.”

 “Your Magic 5 can & will change over time.”

 “There’s no such thing as perfect or permanent when it comes to The Magic 5.”

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