Intro Episode: What is Woo-Woo Wellness?


Welcome to the Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast! My mission is to help entrepreneurial babes get healthy, get well, and manifest their dream bodies, the woo-woo way.

My name is Krista Dickson and I’m a Woo-Woo Weight Loss Coach for entrepreneurs.

What is Woo-Woo Weight Loss?

In 2018, I used the principles of manifesting, the law of attraction, mindset work, energy work, and all that good woo-woo stuff to lose about 50 pounds, and now I teach other entrepreneurs how to lose weight the woo-woo way.

However, the Woo-Woo Wellness podcast is about so much more than just weight loss. It’s about helping you get healthy, get well, lose weight if you need to, and do it all in ways that feel good and that are aligned with who you are deep down at your core.

Are you ready to find new ways to improve your mental and physical health? Do you want to feel better in your own skin? Are you wanting to take the best possible care of yourself so that you can show up in your life and in your business? Well then, this podcast is for you!

The Woo-Woo Wellness podcast will be a biweekly podcast with both solo episodes and interviews with other health and wellness experts. I truly believe the information and stories you’ll hear on this podcast will change your life!

You deserve a life filled with joy, abundance, and well-being, and I want to help you get there! Be sure to subscribe to the Woo-Woo Wellness Podcast on iTunes so you don’t miss a single episode & follow me on Instagram to get the inside scoop on upcoming episodes.